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Mykonos Town Suites & Apartments

With its post-card perfect cubist architecture, spectacular sandy beaches and sybaritic lifestyle, this patch of sand and rock is no ordinary island. Since the 1960s, when the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis strolled through the narrow streets of Chora, Mykonos has been attracting a glamorous set of A-listers from around the globe -and for good reason.
The landscape is enchanting: a slab of rock smack in the middle of the Aegean, its dazzling whitewashed houses contrasting sharply with the cobalt blue of the sea and sky. The island boasts breathtaking beaches with crystal clear waters catering to all kinds of tastes, from super-chic beach clubs where you can work on your tan with a bottle of bubbly chilling on ice, to remote coves where you can skinny-dip away from the crowds.

Natural beauty aside, when it comes to luxury, nobody does it better. Between the mega-yachts moored at the harbor, open-air clubs hosting star DJs and the visitors’ anything-goes attitude, a bit of debauchery is par for the course. The island’s Chora is a playground for the elite, offering world-class restaurants, a buzzy nightlife and an array of luxury boutiques for the well-heeled visitors who stroll through the cobbled streets with high-street branded bags dangling from their arms.

However, look beneath the veneer and you will find that there is more than meets the eye. The labyrinth port-side capital holds many surprises for the savvier traveler, from edgy art galleries and tiny hippie-chic boutiques, to charming artisan shops with eclectic finds. Little Venice -arguably the most picturesque part of the town- comprises a bundle of former fishermen’s houses with colorful balconies that hang over the water, now turned into bars, offering the perfect spot to sip a cocktail before sunset. In terms of day-breaks, the neighboring islet of Delos, once considered as the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, is home to an extensive archaeological site while nearby Rhenia boasts some jaw-dropping beaches. Whatever your vibe, one thing is for sure: this 90sq.m. paradise will not you down.


A minimalist oasis right in the middle of Mykonos town

While we all enjoy tranquility, there is nothing quite like being at the heart of one of the world’s most exciting places, merely steps away from anything and everything Mykonos has to offer. Hidden among the paved alleys of the island’s pulsing town, lies a high design 90m² abode of minimalist perfection that offers the ultimate escape from the summertime crowds.