Lagonisi Elaia Luxury Suites

Luxury Beach Apartments

Lagonisi has long been a favorite weekend escape for Athenians who were lucky enough to own houses there, owing to its charming beach, cheerfully rural atmosphere and proximity to the city -it is only a 45min drive from downtown Athens and less than a half hour drive from Glyfada. Elaia Luxury Suites sits on a privileged plot of land set within walking distance from the nearest beach -a sandy stretch with crystal clear waters, sunbeds and a beach bar. This newly built, eco-savvy compound comprises two sumptuous independent suites designed to inspire a sense of laid-back sophistication that perfectly reflects the area’s summery vibe.
Open-plan, light-filled rooms that connect to the outdoor areas through floor-to-ceiling glass doors are used to create a feeling of being outside even when indoors and to allow for expansive views of the seascape. The soothing, one-size-fits-all minimalist aesthetics are complemented by neutral tones that feel luxurious and beach-appropriate at the same time. This is the ideal place to escape the concrete and indulge in life’s simple luxuries: an early morning dip in the swimming pool, an afternoon siesta, an al fresco dinner followed by an intimate affair under the stars, all the essential ingredients for a perfect summer day.



Designing a minimal home that still feels warm and welcoming is not an easy feat. Yet this stunning two bedroom residence with its clean lines and swathes of empty space manages to strike a perfect balance between opulent and minimal, delivering a space that celebrates simplicity but is infused with personality and an undoubtedly Greek soul.


top floor suite with sea view

At once luxurious and inviting, this stunning three bedroom apartment combines the lavish looks of a 5-star hotel with the easy-going elegance of a beach house. From the moment you walk through the door, you get carried away by the house’s unique ambiance of airiness and peacefulness.