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Overlooking the inexhaustible blue of the Aegean, in the southern suburbs of Athens, each refined visitor lives our own “urban” myth on our luxury apartments Glyfada. Pictures of unparalleled beauty unfold in our unique aesthetic facilities that are hard to erase from memory! The aura of Athens embraces you in Elaia Luxury Suites as you gaze at the skyline with the warm colors flooding the Attic sky and you can only surrender to this fairytale beauty.

Last but not least, do not forget that every moment is experiencedas a small ritual … Besides, this feeling is already created by our name. Olive is a symbol and element of civilization in the same way that Elaia Luxury Suites is a symbol of sacred holidays and luxury.

Elaia Luxury

Luxury Apartments Glyfada

Located within walking distance from the bustling center of Glyfada, Elaia Luxury Apartments was the latest addition to the Elaia Luxury Suites portfolio. Looking for an opportunity to expand her luxury retreats business, the owner, a former economist with a knack for all things design, stumbled upon a generous plot of land dotted with olive trees and set within walking distance from the bustling center of Glyfada.

Elaia Luxury


Unlike most vacation properties, Elaia Luxury Condos was originally built as a housing compound. As such, its three different sized suites check every box on the list of a house built to be lived in: the materials used are of excellent quality, the rooms are smartly allocated to accommodate families, and the neighborhood is serene and friendly, its verdant surroundings adding to the homely vibe that sets this property apart from its rivals.