Glyfada Elaia Luxury Selections

Elaia Luxury Selections

Glyfada Luxury Apartments For Rent

Overlooking the inexhaustible blue of the Aegean, in the southern suburbs of Athens, each refined visitor lives our own “urban” myth on our luxury apartments Glyfada. Pictures of unparalleled beauty unfold in our unique aesthetic facilities that are hard to erase from memory! The aura of Athens embraces you in Elaia Luxury Suites as you gaze at the skyline with the warm colors flooding the Attic sky and you can only surrender to this fairytale beauty.

Last but not least, do not forget that every moment is experiencedas a small ritual … Besides, this feeling is already created by our name. Olive is a symbol and element of civilization in the same way that Elaia Luxury Suites is a symbol of sacred holidays and luxury.


Cozy, light-filled and tasteful, this two bedroom apartment is a luxuriously outfitted proposal in the center of Glyfada. Designed with elegance and simplicity, the interiors are dressed in the tones of beige and grey to inspire a sense of relaxation. The ornamentation is minimal, with few handpicked objects scattered here and there.


Recently renovated to reflect the owner’s vision of a modern home, this 3 bedroom apartment morphed into a contemporary retreat that serves as a luxurious suburban getaway. The elegant point of view here translates into blue details, wooden surfaces and ample natural light. The design is contemporary, with low furniture in neutral tones of blue, beige and grey. Everything is meant to inspire a sense of ultimate relaxation.